What are the culinary specialities of Hong Kong?

Published on : 05 May 20204 min reading time

Travelling is a great way to get to know the culture and history of a country. It also means discovering the country’s own culinary specialties. Hong Kong is one of the dream destinations where the culinary riches are diverse and authentic. Its gourmet dishes and the delights of its good food reach the summit of the world’s most beautiful flavours. If you have a passion for good food, here are the culinary specialities of Hong Kong that are really worth a visit.

Hong Kong’s Delicious Savoury Dishes

Nothing is more extraordinary than savouring the salty, fragrant and typical dishes of the city of Hong Kong. The famous Dim Sum offers a variety of flavors and can be taken during the three meals and even as a snack. Accompanied by tea, soy sauce, Dim Sum is a kind of bite usually steamed, baked or fried. This bite is presented in pretty bamboo baskets. Each bite is more appetizing from the other, such as steamed shrimp ravioli, stuffed or filled brioche and flavoured with pork or shrimp. As you wander through the streets and restaurants of this city, you will also find succulent rice noodles and congee in every nook and cranny. The noodles are often eaten in the form of ravioli soups. They are also prepared for a traditional dish such as egg noodles with dried shrimp. Fried noodles with beef or chicken, noodles with fish balls, wheat noodles or rice noodles, you won’t get tired of them. The congee is moist boiled rice with fish, eel or coriander. Don’t forget the Lo mai gai, a dish made with sticky rice, Chinese mushrooms and chicken wrapped in a lotus leaf. The culinary specialties of Hong Kong with its thousand and one variety of savoury dishes will only delight the palates of gourmets and gourmands

The culture of tea and sweets

Even with soups and broths, it is amazing to realize that tea is not just a drink, it is a whole culture inherited from English colonization. Hong Kong style tea with milk is drunk hot or cold. Black tea well mixed with condensed milk, it is prepared in a tea sock. The tea remains a faithful companion at any time of the day, both for sweet and savoury dishes. Medicinal tea can be found in every corner of the city, therapeutic remedy and culture, it is the essential drink of Hong Kong. This city is so full of gastronomic varieties that it has been dedicated to holiday cooking. The festival of the Small Breads is celebrated in May, the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. In autumn, it is the festival around cakes such as moon cakes. It is impossible to list all the exquisite, exotic and flavoured flavours of the sweets of this gourmet city. Travelling to Hong Kong means tasting the best and most gargantuan egg waffles called Gai daan tsai or Bubble waffle. All the sweet treats are often related to eggs, there is the egg pie related to custard, the Lai Wong Bao: sweet brioche, impregnated with egg, milk and custard powder mixed together. Pineapple Buns or pineapple brioches remain the must-have for breakfast, a pure marvel of Hong Kong’s culinary specialties. From mooncake, tofu or mango puddings to sweet red bean soups, you will enjoy a pleasant gastronomic stay. Hong Kong proudly boasts Michelin-starred restaurants for these rolls.

The Street Food Culinary Walks

After tasting the best restaurants and tea rooms, it is highly recommended to take a stroll in the street kitchens or Street Food. For savoury dishes, fish balls scent the streets, in curry, sliced on a stick or accompanying noodle soups, they are a pure delight. Surely, this street food offers the most beautiful facets of barbecued meats. Duck, chicken, whole pigs are displayed hanging in the windows and littered the streets of Hong Kong. Duck or lacquered chicken meat, grilled goose are as many tasty dishes to be tasted obligatorily. If you are looking for new culinary sensations and open to all kinds of dishes, Street Food will allow you to taste fried whole chicken legs, fried vegetables such as eggplant, garnished chilli peppers, pork intestines, rotten tofu, grilled skewers and various other equally incredible dishes. You will find in the streets, all the good pastries and desserts such as egg waffles with ice cream. Street Food brings a whole mix of flavours, aromas and colours. For sweets, you will have at low prices, white mushroom and pear soups or Tonguyen, sweet rice balls, durian desserts. If you want to discover all the culinary specialties of Hong Kong, you will simply have to extend your stay.

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