The mastery of English is nowadays a necessary criterion to break into the professional world. To stay one step ahead of your colleagues, you can start after the baccalaureate. Even after your university studies, it is not too late to start. One of the most popular language destinations is Hong Kong. Not only does your trip to this country mean discovery and adventure, but Hong Kongers are also known for their warm and friendly welcome, which makes it easier to learn the English language.

Why choose to learn English in Hong Kong?

There is nothing better than a total immersion in a country where the English language plays an important role to really and permanently improve your English. Hong Kong is a leading destination for a short or long term language stay for a quickly operational English. Not only will you have the chance to live in a city where urban animation is in perfect harmony with natural spaces, but the dynamism of the population and the tolerance of foreigners and their culture grant a certain smoothness facilitating your learning. But before starting the trip, it is important to check your level of English beforehand by taking exams on specialized websites and platforms. To do so, visit, find out your level of English, and even some notions, in order to facilitate your stay, and to benefit from an adequate program once on site. Indeed, specialised organisations can provide a personalised follow-up via a tutor throughout your programme for a better result.

English, a language steeped in the history and culture of Hong Kong

The importance of the English language in Hong Kong is largely due to the fact that it is a former British colony. As a result, a large part of the population in Hong Kong speaks English. If you visit rich neighborhoods such as Kowloon or Hong Kong Island, the level of English of the inhabitants, vendors and drivers is quite high. Rich in colonial history and cultural diversity, Hong Kong is a unique destination for language learning and discovery. Multiculturalism means that many languages and dialects coexist together, and the country is open to different cultures and religions, and adapts to the different changes resulting from the mixture of history and innovation. While walking around the city, it is common to hear a mixture of Chinese and Western languages. With the English language being very present in the city (signs, announcements on public transport, etc.), tourists and businessmen have no trouble communicating. The majority of courses at the university are in English, which contributes to the students' access to a good level of English, but which also attracts the arrival of multiple nationalities in the country. Promote exchanges for a unique language stay A truly cosmopolitan city, during your language study stay you can explore the magnificent mountains around the territory, or go hiking with your fellow students to discover the various trails of the island and combine practical English and discovery. One of the most common practices today is to do a meet-up, in other words, to take part in exchanges with other people who also wish to practice and perfect the English language. It is a free, but also efficient and uncomplicated way to be quickly operational. It's about getting together over a drink, having a picnic together, or organizing any type of outing for a relaxed and pressure-free atmosphere, conducive to learning the language. If you have chosen to take English courses at the University of Hong Kong, it is even easier to build relationships with other students from all over the world and practice English with your fellow students.

Combine fun, discovery, and learning

Explore Hong Kong's green islands such as Lantau Island where you can discover the fishing village of Tai O, the Giant Buddha or Po Lin Monastery. In the North, you can enjoy wonderful beaches located in the middle of the mountains, or you can go kayaking, windsurfing, etc. for a relaxed atmosphere full of experiences. Conversing in English around a good meal is also a good way to learn the language, while discovering the local gastronomy and specialties such as dim sums (steamed ravioli), very common in Hong Kong restaurants, or the classic sock tea. In addition, if you want to live a unique experience by going out of classic destinations like the United States, Canada, or Great Britain to improve your English, Hong Kong is a great destination. Its landscape, quality of life, history, culture, and welcoming people make it easy to learn and practice English.