Focus on Buddhism: between religion and beliefs

If we look for the definition of Buddhism on the Internet, we find several explanations and different interpretations. But what exactly does Buddhism mean to specialists? Is it a religion, belief or philosophy? What are the roles of Buddhist meditation…

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How to get around in Hong Kong?

When travelling to Hong Kong, it is not always necessary to rent a vehicle. Indeed, the public transport network is widely developed which will allow you to travel without too much expense. To make it easier for you, discover the…

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How to explain the high number of British and Americans in Hong Kong?

The city of Hong Kong is nowadays populated by a large number of Americans and British. And even the language spoken there is English. Would you like to know why? This article provides you with clear information about American and…

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How to travel safely in Hong Kong?

A true emblematic city located at the entrance to Asia, Hong Kong is distinguished by its multi-faceted image, combining modernity and traditions. Attracting many visitors every year, its cultural diversity, its gastronomic specialties, its cultural richness, and above all a…

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