Today, English is indispensable in professional and social relations. It can be a determining factor in distinguishing oneself in a given career, and in facilitating exchanges with associates and partners. To boost your English and live an enriching experience, Hong Kong offers you a whole range of possibilities for fun and effective learning.

Determine your level to choose the right program

Hong Kong is known for its welcoming people, its openness to the international community and its acceptance of other cultures and religions. In addition, almost the majority of its inhabitants speak and practice English on a daily basis. From taxi drivers, to street vendors, to bank advisers, the practice of English is commonplace in the city. However, it is necessary to have a small base so as not to get lost in this big city, which is geared towards over-consumption. As in any apprenticeship, you must know your level in order to follow the English program that is best adapted to you. Level tests are organized by specialized learning platforms to help you find your level of English language. You will then have an idea of the points to work on and improve once you have taken the test, and can even start some personal work before flying to Hong Kong to speed up your learning.

University: learning and building relationships

Practice is the best way to learn a language quickly. By enrolling in the English course at the University of Hong Kong, you not only learn the language, but you also expand your circle of acquaintances and increase your hours of English practice. The university is the best place to meet people from all over the world, and where all nationalities help and work together. It is also the best place to make connections outside the academic setting. Colleague outings are a great way to practice English in a more relaxed setting and with less pressure than in college. Criticism is better accepted, and practice is almost natural and uninhibited.

Calling on an agency specialized in language stays

If you are afraid of not organizing yourself properly, and of unpleasant surprises along the way that may become an obstacle to your language stay in Hong Kong, you can call on a professional language travel agent. Not only does the agency take care of the various administrative formalities, but it is also attentive to your desires and expectations, and provides experienced advice to help you in your quest. One of the strong points of using a language agency is that it is already in close collaboration with many local language schools, and even families, which makes it easy for you to find the right language for a successful total immersion. Moreover, since your courses only take up part of your day, you can take advantage of the rest of the time to visit and discover the various remains of your destination. You can also take the opportunity to do some shopping in a different way. Hong Kong is renowned as an ideal shopping destination. You will be served in the district of Mong Kok, composed of the largest stores in Asia, but also many souvenir shops. You can even taste local specialities between two shopping trips. There is also the ladies' market and the temple night market on Wall Street for shopping enthusiasts. Colours, explosion of flavours and scents, noises of all kinds will animate your shopping moment for a unique atmosphere. Moreover, on the price side, you can only be delighted, as they do not include sales and import taxes. Hong Kong is a city turned towards ultra-consumption and its streets are animated by small traders.

A fun stay for a successful learning experience

Whether you decide to go on your own, or to turn to a specialized agency, total immersion necessarily involves visits and discoveries to practice your English skills in real communications. And in Hong Kong, you will be served. Just by taking the metro to get around, your English is already put to the test. Advertisements on public transport, billboards, posters, etc. are generally translated into English. Talking in English about a local specialty, communicating in English with salesmen to make friends or discussing prices is a good way to practice your English for a quick improvement. Indeed, on an international level, Hong Kong's gastronomy is among the best in the world. Refined dishes, flavours of the world, its gastronomy is very rich and diversified. Hong Kong is quite simply a paradise of flavours and tastes, a real necessary stopover for gourmets . You can taste there the succulent Sham Shui Po for a real tasty adventure. For cheap, the yellow curry fish balls that you can find on almost every street corner will make your mouth water. They are very easy to find, with stands selling them on every corner. The Dim Sum with hundreds of varieties is a must-have that you can eat at any time of day for an exquisite taste at a reasonable price.