Discover Hong Kong’s historic sites

Hong Kong is a must-see destination for lovers of architecture and travel. Its squares, streets and monuments make visitors want to come back. Being the capital of China, Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful symbols of success in…

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Accommodation in Hong Kong: rates and rents

Located in southern China, Hong Kong is an economic powerhouse in its own right. With a population of more than seven million, the city is attracting more and more expatriates from all over the world. If you’re considering moving to…

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What are the culinary specialities of Hong Kong?

Travelling is a great way to get to know the culture and history of a country. It also means discovering the country’s own culinary specialties. Hong Kong is one of the dream destinations where the culinary riches are diverse and…

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Is Hong Kong part of China?

It should be noted that there is a certain resemblance between the people of Hong Kong and China. Being both parts of the Asian continent, people often tend to confuse them. What about the correlation between the two countries? How…

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