Hong Kong is a must-see destination for lovers of architecture and travel. Its squares, streets and monuments make visitors want to come back. Being the capital of China, Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful symbols of success in all Asia. In particular, it has been able to stand out from other cities in China. Hong Kong is rich in historical sites, in addition to its many ancient monuments. The many visual influences of the colonial era are still clearly visible. A visit to this city is therefore highly recommended, even if it is only for a single visit.

Hong Kong and religion

Compared to mainland China where religions are controlled by the state, the practice of religion is free in Hong Kong. Indeed, Hong Kongers are a religious people, with 90% Buddhists, Taoists or Confucians. These beliefs are indeed the traditional religions of the Chinese. As a result, the city of Hong Kong is made up of places of worship, including the monastery called Po Lin which is located at the top of the Ngong Ping plateau. The latter is home to Hong Kong's famous monument "The Great Buddha", known as the Tian Tian Buddha. So if you manage to overcome 260 steps, you will be rewarded with the chance to admire this gigantic 34-metre high status. It is indeed the first historical site in Hong Kong that attracts more visitors. Apart from that, the new territories, the farmlands are home to the monastery of the 100,000 Buddhas, another magnificent place to discover.

Hong Kong: the city of temples

If you are lucky enough to visit this megalopolis, take the time to explore the different temples it houses. According to Chinese philosophy, the dead are honored by the living, hoping in return for their blessings. However, the majority of these temples are made to honor ancestors. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Chen Family Ancestors Temple, the most famous historical site in Hong Kong. There is also the Wong Tai Sin Temple, a vast Taoist complex at the foot of Mount Kowloon. The Man Mo Temple, built in colonial times by Taoists, which is the oldest, and where the god of literature, the god of war and other gods are praised. Pak Tai Temple and Wan Chai, to worship the god Pak Tai, the Supreme Emperor of the North. Tin Hau Temple, built to honor the sea goddess. On the other hand, there is also the Lin Fa Kung temple, the most mysterious because according to the mythical, this place was built where the goddess of mercy appeared. Finally, there is the Tam Kung temple, intended to honour Tam Kung, a specific deity of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and its sights

Hong Kong, a welcoming city, is a destination to choose for its rich history and variety of cultures. Moreover, the large number of historical sites in Hong Kong is not enough to describe its multi-faceted character, as it also abounds with countless tourist attractions to discover. One example is the Tsing Ma Bridge, one of the world's longest suspension bridges, which is 2.2 km long and 41 metres wide. What would Hong Kong be without the famous Victoria Peak, the island's highest peak, which rises to 554 metres. It is a unique spot that will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. As for the Hong Kong History Museum, it also has some amazing surprises in store for you. Located in Tsim Sha Tsui, you will find various exhibitions. Children won't be disappointed either by visiting Disneyland, a must-see place to meet your favourite Disney characters. Not forgetting the great park of Hong Kong, which is a real oasis of greenery, calm and tranquility. Birding tours are also organised every Wednesday to explore the local wildlife. Also, a night walk in Hong Kong is highly recommended, to allow you to contemplate the sumptuous play of light in the city. This show usually starts at around 8pm.

Hong Kong and gastronomy

Although a country's cultural richness can be felt through its culinary arts, Hong Kong also has a wide variety of gastronomic specialties. The major hotels offer mostly fresh and delicious products. Dim Sum, which means "light up the heart", is a speciality that cannot be ignored. They are in fact shaped and stuffed dumplings, steamed. Hong Kong is also known for its iconic drinks, such as Hong Kong Milk tea style, Yuanyang and cream soda with milk.