English : almost the official language of Hong Kong

The mastery of English is nowadays a necessary criterion to break into the professional world. To stay one step ahead of your colleagues, you can start after the baccalaureate. Even after your university studies, it is not too late to…

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How important is the family in Hong Kong?

Having a family is a source of security, joy, well-being and fulfilment. However, the importance of the family in Hong Kong has undergone some rather dramatic, somewhat sad shifts after its handover to the People’s Republic of China. Discover the…

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Hong Kong: cradle of Asian culture

Certainly Asia is the largest and most populated continent. However, Asian culture is even more popular than its demography thanks to all the traditions of the countries that are grouped there. Moreover, the various customs of many countries are still…

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Why is English language taught at schools?

Hong Kong is an Asian city, but its education system does not reflect this. Linguistically, the official languages of Hong Kong are Cantonese (a Chinese language in Guangdong Province) and English, which are used in traffic signs throughout Hong Kong….

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