Having a family is a source of security, joy, well-being and fulfilment. However, the importance of the family in Hong Kong has undergone some rather dramatic, somewhat sad shifts after its handover to the People's Republic of China. Discover the value of the family for Hong Kongers in this context.

How is family life in Hong Kong?

Family life in Hong Kong boils down to parents who work hard so that their children can become good and successful in life. Thus, the importance of family in Hong Kong is mainly educational with very strict parents called "tiger parents". The people of Hong Kong are among those people who are eager to succeed. As a result, parents demand that their children do their utmost from kindergarten onwards to achieve the goals set for them. It must be said that family life in Hong Kong is not very easy and is very demanding. Indeed, living in a competitive city where life is more expensive than anywhere else in the world requires a maximum of intelligence and knowledge. However, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and families are crowded into small dwellings, as most of the population cannot afford the luxury of new real estate. The family is governed by a Confucian value that requires the participation of parents and children in the community. Unlike Western culture, Hong Kong culture ensures that their offspring succeed in society.

History of family life after the handover

During British colonial rule, families lived peacefully and happily in their homes in Hong Kong. The importance of the family in Hong Kong made real sense as Hong Kongers lived freely in their territory while working hard to increase their economy and trade. Indeed, by instilling the family's core values in Hong Kong, the Crown was able to maintain this value during their rule in this city. However, after Hong Kong's handover to China, family life took another degrading turn. The population felt oppressed and lost autonomy and freedom, even though the People's Republic of China promised to maintain the country's judicial, political, legislative, and economic system. Since the twenty years of Chinese rule in Hong Kong, families have gradually dispersed because of successive movements to claim their freedom. Before the handover, the Hong Kong people never sought to claim a real desire for independence.

The two faces of family life in Hong Kong

The family system in Hong Kong has two faces: the family that settles on traditional customs, which are not very cooperative to change, and the family that wants to regain their independence or will vote for pro-democracy. Since the arrival of the Chinese on their territory, the importance of the family in Hong Kong has undergone a real upheaval because of the frequent demonstrations. Conflicts between young students and the Hong Kong government in Beijing have led to the division of each member of the same family. It should be noted that Hong Kong is among the countries with a fairly long screw's length, but with a high percentage of rapid ageing of the population. Thus, when the demonstrations appeared in the city, the parents, the whole family became fragmented. Indeed, parents who are still attached to their native culture generally oppose the separation of the Beijing and Hong Kong governments. Moreover, most of the demonstrators are young students and very few are the elderly who support them in their quest for independence.

More information on the importance of family in Hong Kong

Most of the elderly people living in Hong Kong experienced a peaceful and quiet family life before the Chinese arrived. So far, family life in Hong Kong is not yet stable, because since the year 2019, the political clashes that already existed between the youth and the police officers defending the government regime in Beijing continue. Moreover, since 2003, every year, the city of Hong Kong still experiences a wave of demonstrations. However, the Hong Kong population is known for their respect for others since the city is also a very pleasant tourist town. Thus, to understand the importance of the family in Hong Kong, you have to base yourself on the relationship that exists between parents and children. Parents who support their children in their struggle for democracy are often very protective and want to protect them from the imminent dangers that the country is facing. On the other hand, pro-police parents, who are strong supporters of the Beijing government, disagree with their children and have a more distant relationship. This has led to a generational split in Hong Kong.