How to explain the high number of British and Americans in Hong Kong?

The city of Hong Kong is nowadays populated by a large number of Americans and British. And even the language spoken there is English. Would you like to know why? This article provides you with clear information about American and British expatriation to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: a former British property

Hong Kong was a British property for a fairly long period of about 55 years before being handed over to the Chinese. The British took possession of Hong Kong in 1842, following the first opium war between Britain and China in 1841. At that time, the British were considering marketing opium from India to China. However, they needed a warehouse for storage, but China wanted to oppose it and war broke out. The British came out victorious. Having lost, the Chinese ceded Hong Kong to them in perpetuity, through the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 between the Chinese Emperor and the Queen of Great Britain. This agreement stipulated Hong Kong's membership of the British Government. Since that day, English has become the mother tongue in Hong Kong territory. Immigrations then began. Many British people settled there. Thus, the descendants of these immigrants remained in Hong Kong. Hence, the fact that to this day, the British are still very numerous in this territory. For your information, the Chinese reclaimed their land on July 1, 1997 following a new Sino-British charter established in 1984.

A world-city popular with expats

Historically, the Hong Kong people have consisted mostly of British residents and American immigrants. According to statistics collected by the United States Department of Foreign Affairs, the number of Americans living in Hong Kong is 85,000. As for the British, the British Consulate General in Hong Kong estimates that 300,000 expatriates come from Great Britain. This figure includes all holders of British passports and even those with Hong Kong nationality living in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Immigration Service reports the presence of 18,540 Britons on its territory towards the end of January 2019. The same entity lists 25,485 American residents on Hong Kong soil. These numbers include expatriates with electronic identity cards, as well as those who came and left by sea or air. Indeed, some data have been collected from the automated passages of these places. So, as you can see, these statistics justify the excess of American and British people in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong territory is one of the most popular destinations for expatriates. In fact, to this day, their numbers continue to grow.

Hong Kong offers great prospects

Who doesn't want to move to a place where jobs abound? Recruitment is always done at the largest local establishments. Hong-Kong offers countless opportunities for those who wish to build a great professional career or simply evolve in their own. This territory has a large number of companies, operating in different sectors of activity. This leads to an infinite number of opportunities in various fields. Finding a job that matches the studies you have completed is no longer complicated. You just have to make the right choice. Unemployment is not to be feared. There are plenty of jobs to be filled. Thus, Hong Kong is a place where it is easier to earn a living. There are no financial difficulties there. Because life in Hong Kong is very promising, the Americans and British particularly appreciate this place. That is why they have decided to settle here. And since Hong Kong's reputation is already running around the world, many foreign citizens are starting to come to this great city. To live in the best conditions is to work in a place where you like it and where life is cheap.

Hong Kong, synonymous with freedom and adventure

Looking for a peaceful and attractive place also explains the high number of American and British people in Hong Kong. The beautiful landscape fills the eyes with wonder and makes you want to stay there. In addition, Hong Kong has several very special tourist sites such as Taoist temples, historic buildings, fortified villages, etc. To end your week in beauty, a visit is to be planned every weekend or on public holidays. Apart from this, Hong Kong's culture is rich and varied. Living in this city allows you to attend various festive events without equal. The festivals reflect the particularity of Hong Kong. They highlight the Hong Kong traditions that bring together those of the East and the West. The various local festivals differ Hong Kong from other cities in the world. The Chinese New Year is celebrated there every year. Driven by the desire to explore new cultures, expatriates choose Hong Kong for its uniqueness.
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