Hong Kong territory

Hong Kong

Hong Kong has more than 7 million inhabitants. It is part of China, but it enjoys a special status that makes it a very attractive financial and economic hub and a fertile ground for pro-democracy movements.

Hong Kong is much more than just a stopover in Asia!


Whether for a holiday, education, work...

Hong Kong is a dynamic international city. It is a meeting ground for many different cultures. It is one of the world’s leading financial centres and a gateway to Asia. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan place, a true cultural melting pot and a paradise for shopping lovers. The city offers excellent international cuisine, a colourful nightlife, and lively festivals and fairs. Not to mention it is a top notch educational hub thanks to its research-focused universities, its flexible higher education system and its widely recognized diplomas and global exam assessment criteria. Indeed, the QS 2016 World University ranking included seven Hong Kong-based universities, four of which were ranked among the top 55 in the world! Impressive for a city of just 7 million inhabitants.

Travel tip

When to go

Select the dates for your stay in Hong Kong to coincide with the Chinese New Year. Parties happen everywhere in the streets, markets, and bars.

How to get around?

Definitely by subway! Most destinations are served by the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) including to and from the airport. Save the bus to explore the city.

Cost of living

Life is expensive in Hong Kong. Plan a sizeable budget for your holidays. The currency is the Hong Kong dollar (HK$). 100 HK$ are worth about 11€.

Travel advice

Local cuisine

Enjoy a Dim Sum or the incomparable freshness of the local seafood on a traditional sampan or in a gourmet restaurant. More on asie-news.fr.

Is the city right for you?

Hong Kong is a popular travel destination for couples and groups who want to party and discover this unique culture mixing Eastern and Western traditions.

Good places to party

If you don’t have enough time to discover the local culture and cuisine, there are still many places to make your evenings unforgettable.

Accommodation in Hong Kong

Choosing a good hotel is the first step toward a successful holiday. Indeed, good accommodation can make your holiday even more exceptional, just as a bad one can spoil your stay. Hong Kong is full of places to stay. There is something for every budget from small, charming bed and breakfasts combining comfort and quality services, to exclusive hotels located in the city centre and close to the main tourist attractions. You can even choose a resort in the surrounding countryside.


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